Sunday, June 15

Gratutious Street Agit-Prop Posters

This is the first poster in a series of 3 street posters, A2 size, that I did and were pasted-up in the autumn of '95 in Barcelona. It depicts a woman in leathers (S+M) painting a felation. It says: "Being an Artist is Easy... Intensive 3 week courses....Pastiching....all graduates will show in the most prestigious galleries... collectors to buy your work...learn to paint like Tapies, Picasso....Salon Autonimo of Barcelona, Riereta 10" (which was the actual address of my studio) and there were people actually coming by inquiring about taking the classes.  Which astounded me. Part of the motivation for doing this project was a bad experience I had with a gallery that was showing my work and permanently closed the gallery in the middle of my show, with all my work hanging there and a FOR RENT sign on the gallery. He (won't mention names... Galeria Tomas Carstens, oops) didn't fill me in on the change of plans for the gallery and for me it was a complete disaster if not a big slap in the face. So I did these posters as I was quite fed-up with Barcelona art scene. I moved two years later to New York.