Wednesday, March 24


Working through freer line; trying to get the work more like my drawings.

Saturday, March 20

My Process in Creating a Painting

Popeye.  This is new, from March 2021. I'm developing work that is more open, combining free line and forms with specific imagery, in this case Popeye.  The imagery is related to sketchbook drawings I've been doing and developing for years.  

All the images below show my process at arriving at the finished piece above. I wouldn't normally show my process but think it would be instructive and interesting. The images go backwards in time. So as you scroll down they go from the most recent to the oldest. I'd suggest starting at the bottom of the post and working your way up. 

This seemed almost right to me but needed more clarity and definition.

Working and defining the painting. 

Here, I added Popeye and got rid of what was there before and digitally added the stars to see how they'd look. Some of the stars were already added to the painting, and some are digitally added here in this drawing. 

Working through the composition. Painting out areas and experimenting with the star motif. 

I didn't like the beaver, maybe I was getting tired of it. Maybe it just wasn't working and I felt that I had to destroy it and develop the free drawing further. Here I was beginning to play with the idea of the stars as a contrasting element and free drawing covering the beaver image, and trying to find a path forward.  

I thought that what it needed was maybe another element to give it more context and meaning. A motif I've used a lot are stars and velocity lines. This is a digital drawing. 

Here the beaver is added as a stencil to match the pedestal.  More or less my original idea.  I could have left it but it didn't feel right and continued working through the composition and overall feeling. 

Here the beaver is added digitally in a mock up drawing. That way I can decide on proportions before actually painting it. 

The original idea was to work through free line and incorporate a beaver on a log pedestal.  The beaver on a pedestal is an image I've painted before and I wanted to do something new with it.  Here, the pedestal is added.  I used a stencil which I often use as a way to differentiate marks and line qualities.



Popeye. I've been wanting to paint this idea for a long long time. Still developing the idea.  Combining my interest in open free line with recognizable imagery.  From November 2020. 

Hey Ginger and Trashing Work

The painting on the right got trashed, which happens. The painting on the left I repainted in February after showing it at Galeria Esther Montoriol in Barcelona.  "Hey Ginger", which is based on an illustration I have always loved. A friend's lounge called Ginger had the illustration behind the bar, and when they gave up the lounge ( it still exists but new owners ), I got the illustration.  No one seems to get the joke. 


No titles yet. From February 2021

Friday, September 20

4 Happy Bunnies

¨ 4 Happy Bunnies ¨
3 Happy Bunnies
"4 Happy Bunnies ¨ and ¨ Forest Gnome w Cupid ¨

Sunday, September 8

Forest Gnome Cupid

FOREST GNOME CUPID. The gnome is the blue/fuchsia raster dot thing.   It's smiling 

2 versions


Based on a ''Mars Venus and Cupid'' by Titian


Studio view of recent work summer/autumn of 2019.  Introducing color again.

Love's Not Love?

Motherly love is the purest love. What nurtures and binds and makes one whole -- it ‘s Mummy.
Based on VigeĆ© Le Brun portraits 18th century French portrait painter of French aristocracy. 

Well, love is not love, or is it?  Maybe it’s both. Sometimes it leads to the real thing. And sometimes not. Boohoo.

Cupid Archie and Betty. Dialog not included -- Betty: ''What do you like best about fucking outdoors, Archie?; Archie: ''The fact that you bring snacks, too''.

Get your man with a delicious plate of fresh homemade doughnuts. Love is a doughnut?

Thursday, June 6

Installation View Expo @ Cora Egger, 06/06/19, Barcelona

LOVE'S NOT LOVE.  Exhibition title for show at Atelier Cora Egger, June 6, 2019, Barcelona.
Deals loosely with the theme of love in some of its aspects: carnal love, lost love, promised love; and the related themes of gender, power and morbidity.

Friday, March 22

Rip it Out Baby!

''Rip it Out Baby!'' Rastered forest gnome -- do you see it?  It's smiling. It has a knife in its left hand and bleeding heart in its right.
150 x 200 cm,  59'' x 79'' painted drawing on paper, 2019

Similar idea as the previous painting.  A smiling gnome holding a broken heart in his left hand and he's tearing out the guts and heart of the gnome -- see the string in his right-hand pulling the gnome's guts?

Gnome BBQ Deer

''Gnome BBQ Deer''
Gnome is BBQing a steak. The future meal is the deer.  We are all gnomes unconsciously consuming the world and leaving nothing in its place.
150 x 200 cm,  59'' x 79'' painted drawing on paper, 2019.

Beavers R Cute

''Beavers R Cute''
Well, Beavers are cute. And they are furry too.  What else can I say? I love beavers and they are Canada’s national symbol. They're on the Nickle coin. So, being a Canuck….
150 × 200 cm,  59'' × 79'' painted drawing on paper, 2018

Wood Gnome

This is the first rastered gnome I painted based on an animated Once pixel board ad here in Barcelona (Once is an association for the blind in Spain).  I was taken by the gnome which in the ad was really an elf, one of Santa's helpers, for a Xmas promotion to by lottery tickets.  I'd see the pixel board everyday on the Ferrocarril (commuter train). I had to paint it. It took me like 20 years to get it right. 
200 x 150 cm 79 x 59'' painted drawing on paper, 2019

Leaders Aren't Made, They are Created

''Leaders Aren't Made, They are Created''
Was thinking about the current -- won’t mention any names -- US President, ''the GREAT fearless leader''.  Here the beaver is given special powers, super powers, by the LGBT fairy. The GREAT fearless leader is created but it is still just a beaver on his beaver trunk pedestal.
150 × 200 cm, 59'' × 79'' painted drawing on paper, 2018

Monday, July 17

The Cottage

In 2016/17 did a whole series of small works on wood panels dealing with the idea of freedom.  Consists of a cottage and a bunny rabbit.  Here the bunny disappears and only the cottage remains.
40 × 60 cm mixed media. 

Friday, October 30

"Oh my Ears, my Whiskers" 4

Series of paintings of rabbit and cottage. I wanted a narrative using a bunny and a cottage. This series of works was a return to "narrative painting" for me and the seed of the work I am doing now.
40 × 60 cm, mixed media.  

Saturday, June 6

"Oh my Ears, my Whiskers"

Another painting in the series.
40 × 50 cm, mixed media on wood