Sunday, June 15

2nd Installment of Gratuitous Agit-prop Street Posters

This is the 2nd street poster A2 size (40 x 58 cm) 16 x 23" that went up onto the streets of Barcelona in the autumn of '95. It says "You are a Wanker, and you're not alone either --¡yes yes!.....Salon Autonimo of Barcelona". Depicting Dopey (of the 7 Dwarfs) jerking off onto what looks like a Tapies painting. I think the message is pretty clear.

3rd installment which never got printed. It depicts the folkloric "caganet", the crapping man, the creche figure which traditionally Catalans like to adorn their Christmas Nativity Scenes with. So I made him crapping a painting as if it was a production like. Fecundity is creation. It says "I don't paint my painting anymore. I crap them out -- that way I can produce more art and produce it faster -- Barcelona Autonomous Salon "

At that time the media and government institutions were referring to "artists" as young creators. This was a way to deflect the "art" debate by changing its name in an attempt to create an art scene. There was a huge concern in general that local artists weren't getting any attention. Neither by collectors in Barcelona, museums, or internationally. But no one seemed to ask the question if they the artists, whoever they were, that nefarious group of creators, deserved any attention at all, which they probably didn't. Whining and no one caring anyways. The other side of the coin is if the people who were worried about artist activity had any idea of what they were talking about, which they didn't then maybe they'd realize that what creates an art scene is money and not talk.  But in the end Barcelona was put on the map because of the Olympics in 1992 and presently, 2019 is overrun by tourists, being destroyed by gentrification and the local forced to more out of the old part of the city, because of exorbitant rents.