Monday, June 16

Exterminating Angels

This is work from around 1995. I used to go to this junk store around the corner from my studio in the Raval, which was called the Barrio Chino back then, but now they (El Ayuntamiento, i.e. City Hall) have sanitized both name and hood after tearing-down the worst parts of the neighborhood and eliminating a lot of the marginal activities like prostitution, drug dealing and whatever else. That still goes on, but it is nothing like it was. Anyways, I'd go to this junk shop around the corner when I was stuck in the studio and I would find curious stuff, like old photos, figurines, etc. I found this cheesy cast figure of an angel with a movable head that I painted and these are the outcome. The painting with the male figure is Brains from the Thunderbirds, which was another series of paintings I did but fits with this theme.  
All these paintings are 170 × 230 cm.  I believe one of these paintings was shown at Galleria Tomas Carsten in Barcelona in 1995 -- the angel with the turquoise background. The three works  are in private collections in Barcelona.