Thursday, April 6



In 1997, after being in Barcelona for almost 9 years and having showed in a bunch of galleries like Galería Carles Poy, Galería Thomas Carson's, La Central de Energía, Lino Silverstein and in Juana de Izpuru in Madrid, it was time to leave and go to NY. This is my first studio I had in Brooklyn, NY, which I shared with Yun Fei Gi, a fabulous painter in his own right. It was on north 3rd and Wythe, in a huge building full of artists which eventually became condos and all the artists were chucked out. My part of the studio space was probably 125 sq. ft and it was affordable. I was paying $350. Those days are long gone. I really liked the Cobi t-shirt by Mariscal, a Barcelona designer, from 1982. Cobi was the Olympic Games mascot.

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