Sunday, June 15

A FOR-REAL Painter -- the real MacCoy

2 very different paintings by the same artist. Although all 3 deal with the same issue--......

This is a copy of a thrift store painting. Probably exactly the same as the painting Rory copied, but I really suspect that Rory's version is better, but, if not so, equally banal and a ridiculous proposition.

Rory Macbeth.  Was once a Street Painter who I met in Barcelona in 1988. Phenomenal painter, phenomenally talented.  Now he shows all over the place aside from being one of the organizers of Pilot, in London, an archive and showcase of unrepresented artists.

This image is of one of his amazing paintings. And it is a painting, not a piece of sterling board, although you wouldn't know it. A real challenge to our notion of reality as it is perceived, and to our expectations of how things really are and not how they just appear to be.