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Thursday, April 6

Gnome BBQ Deer

“Gnome BBQ Dee’’, 200 × 150 cm, 79 × 59'', mixed media on Fabriano paper, 2019.
I started to work on large rolls of paper after working on wood. It is painted with a refillable marker and a sprayed line. No brushes. It was really rewarding to get this done. 

Rip it Out Baby!

The simplicity and flatness is intentional. The trees are painted with a dabber and a refillable marker. To be able to draw a painted line is a great feeling. I'll do anything to avoid using a brush.

‘‘Rip it (Out), Baby!’’, 200 × 150 cm,  79 × 59’’ painted drawing on Fabriano paper, 2019.
More hearts getting ripped out. I was having a bad day that lasted a few months. So I did all these desperate paintings about heartbreak. There's nothing like pain as inspiration.