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Saturday, September 2

Popeye Laverda Mirage 1200 Super Bike

I found this unusual Popeye image at a market in Morocco. I think it's the cover of a ruled notebook for kids, probably from the 60s or 70s. Morocco is full of surprises.

Thursday, June 22

Forest Gnome and Cupid

“Forest Gnome with Cupid”. The gnome is the blue/fuchsia raster dot figure that's smiling. 
These are the most successful of all the gnome paintings I've done.  What comprises a landscape painting: a house, a horizon, sky, clouds, and stuff in the foreground like trees or a stream and the subject stuck in the middle. It has a cupid in one hand and a heart in the other.  

Thursday, April 6

Wood Gnome

This is the first rastered gnome I did, based on an animated ONCE pixel board ad (ONCE is a Spanish foundation for the blind). The original image was taken from a pixel board animation for Xmas lottery tickets. It was a simple animation of Santa's elves running along. I loved seeing the animation every day in the tunnel leading to the Ferrocarriles (Catalan commuter train).  
200 × 150 cm, 79 × 59’’ mixed media on Fabriano paper, 2019.

Rip it Out Baby!

The simplicity and flatness is intentional. The trees are painted with a dabber and a refillable marker. To be able to draw a painted line is a great feeling. I'll do anything to avoid using a brush.

‘‘Rip it (Out), Baby!’’, 200 × 150 cm,  79 × 59’’ painted drawing on Fabriano paper, 2019.
More hearts getting ripped out. I was having a bad day that lasted a few months. So I did all these desperate paintings about heartbreak. There's nothing like pain as inspiration.