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Sunday, June 9

Popeye Isn't Jonny Quest

Popeye Is Jonny Quest
210 × 180 cm, mixed media on linen. Metallic silver ground. 

Friday, September 1

Studio Brooklyn Rail IG

‘‘The Brooklyn Rail’’, if you don’t already know the publication. It is a free New York based contemporary art and culture publication. Monthly.

Thursday, April 6

Installation View Expo at Atelier Cora Egger, Barcelona

“Love's Not Love” at Atelier Cora Egger, June 6, 2019, Barcelona.
The theme of the show deals loosely with the theme of love in: carnal love, lost love, promised love; and the related themes of gender, power, morbidity, sexism, and pornography. This was the first time I had shown my work in a solo show in a long time. The work was new, and the timing of the show couldn't have been better. Thanks, Cora!

This was one of the first raster gnomes I painted. They are all the same theme and subject. A landscape, central gnome in the foreground. A knife in one hand, a bleeding heart in the other. 

I was invited to a small group show at Cora's space a few months earlier. She offered me the space to do a solo show. Lots of artists and friends that I hadn't seen for a long time came out to the opening. That felt good.