Saturday, November 9

Repainting Paintings

Zardos is the John Boorman 70's sci-fi film starring Sean Connery,  when Connery was trying to break away from the James Bond stereotype.  Zardos is a key idea in the film, the name is taken from THE WI(ZARD) OF (OZ).  Zardoz is a giant flying head that frightens controls the barbarians, just like in the novel -- just like in the painting. Painting was repainted from a previous version. Added Popeye and developed context.
I worked on a whole series of paintings over the summer of 2019 with the idea of a frame framing something. The something was the challenge. I originally wanted something like a magical mirror, but they felt too static. Some framed portraits which has been an ongoing theme and which I did here. 

The Kiss.  Repainted from a previous version shown here. Added the text and re-balanced colors. The first version worked, but the color values needed to be improved to make the figures the focus.